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I started taking Pilates classes to help strengthen my back as I have spinal osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, and spurs on my spine. I was surprised that after only a few classes I already felt better! I noticed a significant reduction in daily pain and don't feel as stiff. Thank you! When I first began Pilates last December, I wondered if Pilates classes would improve my golf game. Not only am I driving the ball off the tee further than ever before, but I have also found that the work in Pilates has paid off in dividends as I find my balance, posture and strength have improved immensely. Once a severe back pain sufferer, I now have the normal strength, stability and mobility of a healthy middle-aged woman. In only 3 months of working with Peggy once or twice a week, she has changed my life! I move, lift, bend, stand and walk comfortably. In an individualized program, Peggy takes me through a wide variety of exercises and gives me the encouraging push I need to go a little further. She's knowledgeable and makes Pilates really fun! I starting doing Pilates classes with Peggy and her wonderful instructors at Momentum Pilates in March 2010 and I haven’t looked back. Pilates WILL change your life. What will change? Your confidence will improve, balance and stability will increase, you will look better in your clothes, and your outlook on life will be more positive. From a personal perspective, I have many serious orthopedic issues that have improved considerably, and so has my overall strength (are those my arms?!?). The best part is no longer having a fear of taking on physical activities that I wouldn’t even have considered three years ago, and finding new ones that I never dreamed I could do. You can do it too, and have nothing to lose by giving it a try! Thank you Peggy, Emma, Amy, Meghan, Pascale, and Maria for being considerate, fun, inspiring, and innovative all of the time. Regards,
Joan McKeown
Having a wonderful Pilate's teacher like Peggy has been a game-changer for me. I have been going to her studio for 3 1/2 years now and have met good friends there. They are small classes and we have so much fun together. Peggy is such a gifted teacher; every class is different and she's always doing something new; I don't know how she manages that! What gets me is how many things Pilates can help with: posture, alleviating/preventing back pain, flexibility, strength, alignment, neck pain, stabilization, balance and it's been amazing for my feet are so much healthier than they used to be which lets me run and be on my feet for long periods. I have always hated doing strength training (I think we hate doing the things we need the most, like how men hate stretching), so it is fantastic that it can be so fun and so effective. Thank you, Peggy! Glenyss Turner Hi Peggy,
Just a note to say thank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful world of Pilates. You are an inspirational teacher and your warmth and enthusiasm makes it easy to find the motivation to spend time exercising. I can't believe that I have finally found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy and classes that I look forward to. It has been particularly satisfying to "make contact" with those lower vertebrae that seem to have been immobile for years. I definitely intend to keep up Pilates when I return to Melbourne.
Anna Russell
Before I started doing Walking Pilates with Peggy in May, I had never experienced any real success with any of the exercise programs that I had tried. They were always too difficult or too boring. But Peggy made exercising something fun and interesting and above all - DOABLE! Even in the beginning when I couldn't get some of the exercises, there was enough there that was possible to keep me going and that strengthened me to be able to do more and more. I increased my level of fitness and gained balance and strength. I can hardly wait for the fall to see what Peggy is teaching so I can do more. She is an encouraging instructor who is funny and capable. I would recommend Walking Pilates to anyone who wants an introduction to the theory of Pilates and a good workout. Thanks, Peggy!
Maureen Brown
Peggy is an inspiring coach who has improved my physical fitness substantially in 18 months. Attending her Walking Pilates sessions at Lemoines Point over the summer has improved my aerobic capacity, stamina and upper body strength beyond my expectations. Peggy has the unique gift of making hard work seem like great good fun. She may say “do four more” until you groan, but she says it with a smile! Thanks, Peggy, for changing my life. Sincerely, Bernice Lucas Dear Peggy,
I do enjoy your instruction. You are so kind and thoughtful to everyone. Your kindness, encouragement and joyful disposition is such a bonus to all your students. We all try our very best and you are there for us to encourage and praise. I go home thinking "this is good for me, Peggy is kind." I really am most appreciative of your skills. You are young and full of life. What a mentor for we who are not so young. You guide us, laugh with us but never make us feel inferior. That is first class in an instructor dealing with a more senior group of people.
The Community of Kingston must be enhanced by your ability to teach, encourage and develop such a friendship with your students. Sincerely and affectionately,
a "Pilates for Seniors" participant
Thank you, Peggy.
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