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I began personal pilates sessions with Peggy in September 2020, and have greatly enjoyed and benefited from the personalized, progressive program. Working with Peggy has enhanced my fitness level using a realistic and doable approach. I move with greater ease throughout my everyday activities, and I have even noticed a difference on the golf course!

Peggy and her team make attending Momentum Pilates fun and enjoyable, and the studio is spotlessly clean and inviting. The Zoom option to attend classes virtually is fabulous for those days when an at-home option is preferred.

I look forward to continuing my pilates program, and thank you for leading me through this fitness journey. *

Sincerely, LT


I have been taking private classes at Momentum Pilates with Peggy for about 10 years now. I am a dance teacher and working with Peggy keeps me moving and strong so I can do my job. It is my chance to do something for myself and for someone highly skilled to make sure my body is aligned and strong and mobile.
Janet (62)


I walked in the doors of Momentum Pilates in October 2018. I have struggled with my weight all of my life and joinng Pilates was a small step in my weight loss journey. I am so grateful to all the people at Momentum Pilates. The classes have helped me regain strength and just make me feel so much better! Thank you!

Leisa (54)
(Dance studio owner and teacher)


I joined Momentum Pilates a couple of years ago following a 6-8 week fight with sciatic nerve pain and find myself mostly pain free since then. Only when I let my membership lapse or get too busy with work and end up sitting too much, do I feel twinges of pain again. It is my body giving me a warning and I immediately jump back into pilates and the pain is gone. I love the atmosphere of the studio, non-judgemental and friendly. I love all the instructors and their different approaches to teaching. During the lockdown, I did not think I could do this online but I forced myself to join the virtual membership and it has been a godsend. It gives me a break and sanity. And my body is thanking me for it every day. When I walk out of my virtual class I always feel like a million bucks.

Thank you Momentum Pilates! Monika (54)


I am so looking forward to coming back to the studio! As long as I am taking reformer classes at Momentum Pilates, I am pain free. During this lockdown, I have been experiencing sciatica and inflammation in my hip joint which never happens when I am particiapating in classes led by the amazing instructors. I love the ambiance and people I have gotten to know in my 2 1/2 years as a member. Momentum Pilates has made an enormouse difference in all aspects of my well-being.

Sending love to all!
Judi (73)


Wellllll, I am going to be 70yr in April! Not sure how that happened but I do know that Peggy, Gloria, Pascale and Maria have helped me keep the youth in my step. I am so grateful. Photo of the results of going to Momentum Pilates!

(Almost 70 Retired Nurse)